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Bathroom Makeover and Complete Remodel: The Reveal

The bathroom is done! If you’ve been following along, you know that this had turned into a project that ended up taking longer than expected. It was a big undertaking since it was completely gutted to start with! We are thrilled with the end result. Here is the reveal! This will be an overall look at this bathroom makeover and complete remodel with before and after photos and all the details and finishing touches.

This bathroom remodel was featured on Apartment Therapy, and you can check it out here.

You can read about the demo and gutting of the bathroom and see how this remodel all began here.

You can see the original design plans and early progress here.

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The Walls

Filling in a Doorway

First step was removing the door next to the sink and closing it up to make way for a double vanity. This door led to a bedroom, and it was a door that we never used. So it made more sense to get rid of it and to have a double vanity instead.

You can read about this whole process here.


Before the bathroom makeover and remodel


The after of the bathroom makeover including tiled walls and new vanity


The before with a single vanity and brown walls


Part of this bathroom makeover was adding two black mirrors and midcentury globe sconces

Tiling the Walls

I wanted to tile the shower, but I also wanted the tile to go all the way around the room and partly up the wall, board and batten style.

The height of the tile around the room is just under 40 inches. Read more here about how we came to this measurement as well as other heights in the bathroom.


Before the bathroom remodel, there was a linoleum floor and single vanity.


After the bathroom makeover, there was a penny tile floor and vanity with a marble counter.

Wall Details

Square tile: 6×6 white ceramic

Grout line size: 1/16th

Grout color: charcoal by Mapei

Wall paint: SW alabaster in eggshell latex

Trim paint: SW alabaster in semi gloss enamel

You can read about all the paint colors in my home, my favorites, here.

What is Hanging on the Walls

Toilet Paper Holder and Towel Ring

Cute stools in front of the tiled wall

Read how to drill into tile successfully here.

A beautiful gold hook on the door and towel ring on the wall
A towel ring and gold faucets as part of the bathroom makeover

Continuing with the gold accents, I chose this matching gold toilet paper holder and towel ring from Anthropologie. I feel that they really add a lot of pretty to the practical side of things.


wooden peg hooks

Hooks are a necessity in a bathroom, and I love the look of these wooden peg hooks! They also don’t stick out too far like some other hooks, which is good since this wall is right behind the door when it opens.



Hanging Plants

This bathroom makeover involved adding this wood midcentury style vanity

I love hanging plants, and I felt that this was the perfect corner for some. These baskets along with the plants tie in the shower curtain colors as well.

We decided to hang them on these white brackets on the wall as opposed to hooks in the ceiling.


Beautiful art and shower curtain as part of the bathroom makeover

When choosing mirrors, at first I was thinking to go with gold. However, being that there was already a lot of gold accents, these black framed mirrors now really pop on their own and tie in with the other black touches in the room. I love the arched detail as well!


The art hanging in this bathroom is from Hobby Lobby, Target and I do love what they all add as finishing touches to the space.


I had a hard time settling on sconces for above the mirrors. I knew I wanted gold, but there are so many styles out there to choose from. These ended up being the winner in an Instagram poll, and I also liked how they don’t have a light bulb showing and how they have a midcentury style to go with the vanity. I think they go perfectly and also give off plenty of light. We also have a ceiling light/fan combo that isn’t really necessary to turn on unless you’re in the shower.

The Window

We decided to change out the trim around the window, making it more of a focal point and also adding a windowsill. Then for privacy and to finish it off, this bamboo shade was the perfect thing. You can read about how to make this DIY window trim here.



The Door

We kept the original door and gave it a fresh coat of paint (SW alabaster) and changed out the hinges and doorknob. Then the cherry on top was this fabulous hook, tying in the gold and adding a midcentury vibe like the vanity.



The Vanity

This vanity really set the tone and style of the whole room. I fell in love with the look of it, and it along with the white square tiles was my starting point. I was considering a white vanity at first, but since I wanted white tiles and white walls, I felt it would’ve been too much white for my taste. Now I love how this wood pops against all the white!

The marble counter is so dreamy! We ended up having this particular one made to size locally after having issues with the original. (It arrived cracked, and then a replacement hadn’t arrived after many months and phone calls. We finally decided to go this route instead in the end.)

What’s on the Vanity

It’s fun to add some practical and decorative items on the vanity.

These canisters really look like glass but are acrylic! I don’t have to worry about them scratching the counter or breaking, and they’re beautiful!

I love the faucets so much, and right now I have a little fall flower arrangement that just fits perfectly in the corner.

The Floor

Especially after dealing with water damage under the flooring and getting rid of that old linoleum for good, this penny tile floor is very exciting to have now! It’s one of my favorite parts of this bathroom makeover.


Before the bathroom makeover, there was a white linoleum floor and single white vanity


The vanity and white penny tile floor as part of the bathroom makeover

If you were following along, you may remember that at first I was going to go with small white hex tiles on the floor. I changed my mind to these white penny tiles with no regrets! I’m so happy with the look of them and how well they go with the style of the whole room.

Penny tile floor
Penny tile floor as part of the bathroom makeover

Floor Details

You can read about the penny tile installation including tips and tricks here.

Grout color: silver by Mapei

Penny tile: white glossy porcelain

The Shower


The shower before the bathroom makeover and remodel

You can read about the shower niche installation here:


The shower after the bathroom remodel
A large shower niche

We knew we wanted to tile the shower up to the ceiling with the same square white tile. The niche needed to be nice and large. (The shower niche measurements tiled are: 13×34.5 inches)

When deciding what tile to put in the niche, I debated putting the penny tile in there also to match the floor, but I decided I love this cohesive look the best.

Gold shower fixtures and square white tiles as part of this bathroom makeover

I love the look of the gold fixtures against the white tile and dark grout.

When deciding what shower curtain to pick, I decided I wanted something with some color since the bathroom does have a lot of white. I love the look of wallpaper, and I feel like this shower curtain not only gives some great color but also adds the look of wallpaper without committing to a wallpaper! I love it, and I get asked all the time, “where is your shower curtain from?”

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