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How to Make an Art Ledge

What should I hang above the couch? It’s such a large space to fill, and that can make it hard to find just the right thing. I have discovered what I feel is the perfect answer to the question, “What to hang above the couch?” It’s a DIY art ledge! Follow along to find out how to make an art ledge. It’s quite simple!

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Why an Art Ledge?

1. An art ledge allows you to fill the large space above the couch beautifully and easily!


The room before the art ledge


The art ledge hanging above the couch

2. An art ledge makes it simple to change out what you put on it. You can change the art and photos according to your mood, style changes or the different seasons and holidays. That is harder to do when you hang a gallery wall, and it’s fun to have the freedom to do so!

See how I decorated the art ledge for Christmas here.

How to Make an Art Ledge

pine boards for making an art ledge


pine boards: 1×4, 1×3 and 1×2 (We used 6 foot boards which ended up being the perfect size for our space! You can have a board cut to the size you may need.)

Gorilla Glue construction adhesive


3 1/8 inch trim screws

impact driver

sandpaper if needed

stain (We used Minwax water based stain in weathered oak.)

rubber gloves and rag for the staining process

Note: You may want to apply a pre-stain wood conditioner to prevent patchiness. We chose not to use this, and although it turned out great there were some slight patches. You also may want to finish off with a polycrylic clear matte finish, but we chose to leave it as is.

Step 1

After having measured where you want to hang it and buying the sizes needed, glue the 3 pieces together. Use clamps to keep them together while they dry. Leave it for at least 24 hours, as directed on the glue tube.

Use Gorilla glue to attach the pieces together to make the art ledge

Step 2

Once the glue has dried, insert several trim screws through the back of the ledge into the base for extra reinforcement.

Step 3

Lightly sand, if needed. After sanding, make sure to wipe it down with a rag to get the dust off.

Step 4

It’s then time to stain (or paint if that’s the look you choose). You may want to start with a wood conditioner before the stain. Wood conditioner helps prevent the stain from going on patchy. I applied and wiped off the stain with a rag. After it is dry (following the directions on the can), you can follow with a coat of polycrylic. We chose to skip that for this project.

staining the art ledge

Step 5

Once it is dry, hang it on the wall by drilling through the back in several spots to secure it. Make sure you hit studs when hanging.

drilling the art ledge into the wall

Here’s the Finished Art Ledge Styled

how to make an art ledge
The art ledge hanging above the couch with multiple framed art pieces

We love the look of art ledges so much, we also have them above the couch in our living room! The wall is much higher in this room, so it was an even bigger dilemma trying to figure out what to hang there. So with the art ledge idea, we actually were able to hang three of them! We made these ledges as well and decided to paint them black.

Are you convinced? What to hang above a couch? An art ledge or two or three!

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