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Making a Basket Wall

I recently put up a basket wall in my dining room and love it! In this post, I will go through some things to think about when creating a basket wall. I also will show you how to add a little something to a simple basket to make it extra cute!

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The ceilings are higher in this room, so there is extra wall space to work with. I have a large framed sign hanging there, and I felt like the area above it would be the perfect spot. I also thought it would be cool to continue it from one wall to the next.

basket wall in the dining room with high ceiling
basket wall

When creating a basket wall, there are a few things to consider:

1. What types of baskets do I want?

There are lots of different types and styles of baskets out there of course. I decided I wanted them to be as flat as possible. While searching, I realized I liked the look of woven or rattan chargers and trivets the best. Basket walls with baskets of different depths look beautiful, but for my space I liked the idea of all flat baskets. I also wanted mainly baskets in shades of brown with just some white accents.

These cute chargers from West Elm with the white fringe were a must!

I decided I wanted to jazz up one of the other chargers in a similar way. I did this by gluing on some pom pom ribbon.

The charger that I started with was from the Hearth and Hand line at Target. It has the perfect smooth edge for this.

I found this cute white pom pom ribbon online at Target, and I just hot glued it around the edge of the charger.

About to glue the pom pom ribbon around the charger

I found it easiest to put glue on the charger a couple inches at a time, then lay it back down flat. Then I would attach the ribbon on and repeat until done.

charger with the pom pom ribbon completed
basket wall including the pom pom ribbon charger

As with any home project, I recommend looking at other basket walls on Instagram and Pinterest. Then you can see what type of look you like the best and to know what to shop for and even how to place them.

2. Where can I find the baskets I want?

I’ve heard people have had great luck finding good baskets for a basket wall at thrift stores, garage sales, facebook marketplace, etc. Etsy is a great place to find either secondhand or beautiful handmade baskets. You can even search “basket wall” on Etsy and purchase an entire basket wall set if you’d like! You can also search online at Amazon, Target, etc. using search words like “shallow baskets”, “chargers, trivets or trays” that are described as “wicker, rattan or woven.” Or even search “basket wall baskets.”

Here are the baskets I used (chargers and trivets):

You can click on the pictures for full details and to shop.

Here is a round up of some other possibilities:

3. How do I figure out the placement?

When I was first figuring out the placement, I did the old trick you do when hanging a gallery wall. I cut out circles in the sizes I was considering and taped them on the wall to get an idea of where they would go.

Once I had the actual baskets I wanted to use, I spread them out on the floor to sort of get the idea of what I wanted.

Then I also tried using mounting putty (see link below) to place them on the wall before nailing them down. That way I could move them around until it was just right. Be warned that some of the heavier baskets didn’t stay stuck for long, but all in all it helped to see the placement before making it permanent.

Just a tip if you are planning on doing a basket wall that connects to a another wall, start your placement in the corner and work your way out.

basket wall using chargers and trivets

I love how it turned out. Basket walls are so eye catching!

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