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Kitchen Remodel: How to Hang Floating Shelves

It was time to update our kitchen, and hanging floating shelves was at the top of my list! I will be writing more posts on the entire kitchen remodel, but for now let’s focus on how to hang floating shelves. We decided to remove one of the upper cabinets in the kitchen and replace it with three floating shelves.

The shelves we used are from Ultra Shelf. They custom make them to the size and color that you want! They also have a built in installation system that makes hanging them easy. The look of floating shelves without any brackets or anything like that creates an open and airy feel. I love the look, and they certainly helped transform our kitchen!

You can check out the Ultra Shelf website here: If you are interested, use coupon code lizzydesigns25 to get a discount.

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The Kitchen Before

This is the kitchen before the remodel.

Here is the kitchen before the update. Eventually the cabinets would be painted white, and the hardware and lights would be changed out. To the left of the window is where the floating shelves would be.

This is the cabinet that will be removed and replaced with three open shelves.

Besides really loving the look of floating shelves in the kitchen and feeling like it would open up the whole space, I really wanted this upper cabinet out because it actually never fit exactly. There was a mistake somewhere along the way, and to fit the cabinet in they had to cut into the window trim to wedge it in. It would forever be a tad off center, too. That always made me crazy, so I was excited to remedy that!

Step One: Remove the Cabinet

Removing the shelves out of the cabinet first.
Removing the cabinet by unscrewing it.

After removing the inner shelves and disconnecting the under cabinet lighting (please consult an electrician if attempting this), Tim removed the doors with an impact driver. He then unscrewed the cabinet from the wall.

Removing the cabinet
Removing the cabinet
The cabinet is removed!

Step Two: Patch Up the Wall and Tile

Once the cabinet was removed, we were left with a hole where the undercabinet lighing was. We decided to remove the lighting completely, at least for the time being. We also had a hole to the left of where the cabinet was where a phone used to be.

The tiles also were left jagged where the cabinet was removed since they were tiled right up against it. So Tim removed the first row of tiles. He first cut along the grout line with a multi tool and blade attachment. Then he removed the tiles by using a hammer and putty knife to pry them away from the wall.

Removing the top row of tiles
Removing the grout to be able to retile

Then with the multi tool and grout removal attachment, he completely removed the old grout line to be able to start again fresh with a new row of tiles and be able to space them properly.

Next he prepared the wall for patching. When doing this, you first need to cut the holes from stud to stud to have something to attach the patch sheetrock to.

He then cut the sheetrock to size, taped the seam with sheetrock tape and filled it in with joint compound.

Getting rready to patch the holes
The wall all patched
New row of tiles

Tim hung a temorary piece of wood where the shelf would be to help guide where to tile. He was then able to put in a new row of tiles that would eventually be grouted against the shelf.

Step Three: Paint the Wall and Ceiling

Since the cabinet went all the way to the ceiling, once it was removed we were left with a bare patch that needed to be sand painted then primed and painted. The walls were also ready to be primed and painted after they were patched. I chose Sherwin Williams alabaster for the walls, trim and cabinets. This wall continues into the family room that is also SW alabaster, my favorite white! You can read more about all my favorite paint colors here:

Sand painting the ceiling
Pianting the walls

Step Four: Install the Shelves

How to Hang Floating Shelves

Now it’s time to hang the shelves! Here’s how to hang floating shelves. First, make sure you line up your shelves to the studs. These shelves are solid and heavy wood, so that is very important. Ours are 38 inches and hit 3 studs. (The thickness of these shelves is 1.75 inches.)

Here’s the link to the shelves we used: (Use coupon code lizzydesigns25)

Hanging the brackets for the shelves and making sure they're level.

As you go, make sure everything is level.

Drilling in the brackets

Ultra Shelf makes them easy to install. The mounting brackets and screws that you need come with the shelves. The brackets have notches for the screws, and he screwed them into the wall lining them up to the studs. (Note: To be extra safe, he drilled in small pilot holes first to make sure they went in straight.)

Hanging the brackets for the open shelves
Getting reading to line up the open shelves onto the brackets
Sliding the shelves onto the brackets

You then just slide the shelves on!

Sliding the shelves onto the brackets
All the open shelves are up!
Making sure the shelves are level

The Kitchen After

Step Five: Style the Shelves

Well it goes without saying that this is the fun part! I wanted a mix of practical items that I actually use as well as some more decorative pieces, but I also wanted all items that “belong” in the kitchen for the most part. Everything ended up being in the neutral family since that is what I’m drawn to. I love how the color of the shelves blend with everything, and they look great against the white! The shelves I chose from Ultra Shelf are the white oak in antique oak. Here is the link:

For shelf styling tips, go here:

The open shelves up and styled
The floating shelves decorated with neutral items
After learning how to hang floatung shelves, this is what it can look like.
After learning how to hang floatung shelves, this is what it can look like.
The floating shelves styled with neutral kitchen decor
Yoyu can learn how to hang floating shelves then style them with cute decorative items.
You can learn how to hang floating shelves and then put pretty objects on them like bowls, pitchers and collanders.

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