Simple Ways to decorate for Fall
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10 Simple Ways to Decorate for Fall

Fall is my favorite season, and I’m sure I’m not alone! As a result, I just love to decorate for it. I have found that it doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated. In fact, a lot of what you need is probably already in your home. To make it easier and to hopefully inspire you, I broke it all down into 10 simple ways to decorate for Fall.

I will be sharing photos under each category to illustrate these simple ways. Some are my own, and some are from a group of talented ladies from all over Instagram. Feel free to click on the Instagram links under each photo to get even more ideas!

At the end of each category you will find collections of links to shop from. That way shopping for fall decor will be easy. I hope you get inspired!

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1. Pumpkins

Ok, everyone knows that pumpkins are a simple way to decorate for Fall. Here are some ideas where to put them in your home!

Pumpkins as a simple way to decorate for Fall.
Pumpkins as part of a tablescape.
You can't have too many pumpkins.
Pumpkins on the shelves
Little white pumpkins on the bathroom shelf

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2. Fall Branches and Stems

One easy way to decorate with Fall branches is to bring them in from the outside, or you can buy faux. They are all a great and simple way to decorate for Fall. Also, these branches and stems are just so eye catching!

Fall branches as a simple way to decorate for fall.
Wheat in pitchers
Beautiful branches
Orange Fall stems as a simple decoration
Pumpkin stems in a hanging basket for Fall

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3. Apples

We love going to orchards to pick apples in the Fall. We always end up with lots of apples! Displaying some in a bowl makes them easy to grab to eat, and it looks beautiful.

Apples in a bowl is a simple decoration for Fall!
Apples in a bowl for Fall

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4. Amber Glass

The color of amber glass is just perfect for Fall!

Amber glasses are a simple way to decorate for Fall.
Amber glass vases for Fall

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5. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are blooming everywhere early on in the season. You can throw them in a vase or pitcher for an instant touch of Fall! And they look amazing paired with copper…

6. Copper

In addition to amber glass, copper is a perfect color for Fall.

Now is the time to see what items you already have at home that have Fall colors. If you have some amber glass and copper collected, you are all set!

Sunflowers in a pitcher on a copper tray
Sunflowers and copper are simple ways to decorate for Fall!
Beautiful copper vase for Fall
More copper touches, a simple way to decorate for Fall

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7. Fall Signs

There are gorgeous signs available with specific sayings for Fall. Letter boards and chalk boards are other ways to create Fall signs. With those, you can get creative and change them out!

Having a sign with a Fall saying is a simple way to decorate for Fall.
A large sign about pumpkins for Fall

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8. Fall Pillows

Having pillows in Fall colors is a simple way to decorate for Fall. Rust, mustard yellow, browns, oranges, etc. showing up around the home just feels like Fall. You may already have some that you use all year. Besides that, pillows with pumpkins or other Fall symbols are also so festive. The same thought applies to towels and throw blankets.

Throw piillows in Fall colors
This throw pillow is a subtle Fall touch
Beautiful Fall pillows

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9. Fall Towels

In the kitchen and the bathroom, changing out towels to Fall colors and prints is a simple way to decorate for Fall. Not only that, they are so cute!

Cute pumpkin towel
These towels are a simple way to decorate for Fall.
A cute Fall towel

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10. Fall Throws

Finally, throw blankets are a simple way to decorate for Fall. Tossed on a blanket ladder, bed, couch or on your favorite chair are easy ways to bring in some Fall colors and patterns.

Fall plaid throw blanket
This rust colored blanket is great for Fall
This plaid blanket is perfect!

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Enjoy the season!

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